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Friends & Family Sites - Booking Information

Friends & Family Site Rules


1. The Friends & Family Sites will be available for occupancy each year beginning May 15 and last reservation will be Thanksgiving Day long weekend. All reservations must be submitted through the Oasis 360 website under “Our Resort” under Friends and Family tab. Reservations will begin on April 15 of each year. You may reserve for anytime within these dates. It will be a first email received will have first chance. No emails will be accepted before this date. **2023 is the exception to this reservation booking guideline. Further details for 2023 to come

2. All bookings and payments must come from the resort sponsor. Resort Sponsor is fully responsible for their guests and must ensure they are aware of the rules.

3. Upon confirmation that the dates you selected are approved, payment must be submitted within 1 week to solidify booking. Preferred method of payment is at the store. e-transfer to: as a last resort.

4. Cost will be $40 + GST = $42.00 per night. There will be no refund for any cancelled confirmed bookings and it will result in a loss of booking for the year.

5. Each guest will only be permitted to have one stay per season.

6. Only 2 pets are permitted per site.

7. Length of stay will be a minimum of 2 nights and maximum of 7 days. Note: 7-day booking is not eligible to include a long weekend.

8. Check-in and check-out documentation must be completed and returned to or drop off at The Store.

9. If sites are not fully booked by Wednesday 9:00am of each week then a 2nd booking will be made available to anyone interested.

10. Your booking includes one trailer (must remain the same individuals for the duration.)

11. Check-in is 2pm and check-out is noon.

12. All guests must arrive with a full tank of water. Additional water may be provided at a cost of $25 a load to help fill your tank.

13. If a guest requires to dump their black tank, they may do so by using the parks Honey Wagon at a charge of $15.

14. Generator Use – Use with consideration by minimizing generator use throughout the day. No generator use during quiet hours 11:00PM – 9:00AM.

15. There will be a Port-a-Potty in place for these sites. Sponsors are to ensure that the guests are advised to treat it as their own and ensure it is clean after use.

16. Only propane fire pits are permitted and must be placed on the patio stones provided on each site.

17. Wood burning fire pits will not be permitted.

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