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Big Week at Oasis

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hi folks, Ron here with a quick update for this week. As Steve our chairman pointed out in his blog we have made a ton of headway since our last post. The signing of the development agreement was a big milestone for us in demonstrating our sincere commitment to the county in getting this people’s resort-project completed. It was the last step in our approvals with Wheatland and we can now focus on the funding process that will allow us to “get busy” with getting the remaining activities done and getting all of our residents into their lots.

As we continue to forge ahead with strategy, Volunteers really strike a chord in all of our hearts. I want to extend a big shout out to Roger and Rose along with their team of helpers Kathy & Tony C. who have been instrumental in many tree pruning and overall cleanup activities. Simply take a look at the beach area, many golf fairways, and even the park entrances; things are really shaping up. Thank you very much you guys! I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention Sean for having his firm repair the pool deck at no cost to us….(no more stubbed toes)… Thank you sir. This is truly becoming the people’s resort I know there are others out there doing great things, and I will continue to recognize them in future posts.

On the facility improvement front, today we should finish the fence and that to me is the best of all examples of community members taking an active role in our summer home! It has already had a positive impact with our neighbours who stopped in to say hi and even accepted a tour and a round of golf.

Regarding the basketball court, the paver should be completed by the end of Sept. In order to keep our wee-ones safe, there will be more info to come about cordoning off the playground for the day of construction. This paving will allow for us to have various court sports, something our teenagers (and us adults too) will certainly appreciate.

In closing this weeks blog I want you to know that Di and I have tremendous respect for all of our fellow leaseholders and appreciate their desire to make this a world class resort in Alberta. My commitment to you personally, is to be transparent about how we progress in our strategy including; the good, the bad and even the ugly. This is a premise that reinforces our continual shift to best in class customer service by all who are employed in providing you services. I am available to each and every one of you as Lease holders if we fail in this customer service commitment



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