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Blog from Oasis Interim Chairman

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. It is my intent to provide information stemming from various meetings related to governance and the strategy of the resident’s resort.

On September 02, we met with Wheatland County Planning representatives. Being back at the County Offices was old home week for me and it was refreshing to see some familiar faces from my past life as a member of the Wheatland board. This meeting was an introductory meeting to primarily discuss the issues holding us back from moving forward with the Greens Project. The Planners presented us with a deficiency spreadsheet. The only two big issues were the submission of a signed Development Agreement - which has now been signed and forwarded to the County (we now have a final agreement in place). The second is the turn off lanes on Secondary Highway 901 which needs to be funded. The County will receive the Engineer’s report regarding Secondary Highway 901 shortly.

On September 5th we held our first Interim Board of Directors meeting. It was more of an introduction (meet and greet meeting) to put faces to names and talk about proactivity moving forward. We are having our next meeting on September 12th to firm up some decision-making protocols. In the spirit of true transparency, once the Board Meeting Minutes are approved by vote, they will be posted on the website. We will also be posting the board member names and bios around the same time. Stay tuned.

We also had a meeting with an independent corporate-strategy lawyer to discuss what options would best fit Oasis Grove in going forward. The complexity of this still requires some review, however the notion of a non profit entity for us looks very positive and likely.

Over the next little while you may hear the term “stay tuned” often, which means we may not have all the facts quite yet however, we will get accurate information out as quickly as we can.

Thanks everyone



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