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End of Season Reminders & Important Dates

Information Regarding End of Season processes at Oasis Grove

Summer has come to an end and fall is upon us. As we start to prepare our sites for the off season, here are a couple of important dates to keep in mind.

  • The last date for getting your name on the list for the final pump out is October 1 . Tanks will be left half empty in order to prevent them from collapsing over the winter.

  • Water lines will be winterized the week of October 3rd, however if we have a heavy frost, we may be forced to shut the water off before then. For those of us wishing to come out for the Thanksgiving weekend, it might be a good idea to fill up your fresh water tanks now, so that you have enough water.

  • Please remember to remove, drain and store all four way or two-way splitters and spigots in order to keep them safe and prevent them from cracking, as well as your fresh water supply line (hose). Check with your neighbors to insure everyone knows where they are stored for the spring.

  • Power conservation measures will commence for the winter starting on November 2nd and will be in effect until April 1, 2021.

  • Winter camping is encouraged, and power will be available to everyone wanting to camp simply by calling (587) 897-5083. We will keep a log to track arrival and departure dates for those coming out. This is for safety and part of our emergency response plan.

  • For those with fences or anything close to the roadways, please have them removed so that they are not damaged over the winter by our snowplows.

  • The last day for the store will be October 4th.

Thank you for another awesome season!

Have a safe and enjoyable winter and see you all in the spring.

Resort Facilities Team

Oasis Grove RV Resort and Golf Course


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