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Important Announcement

Dear Leaseholders, today we begin the process of surveying the community to determine the number of supporters we have regarding the idea of moving to a not for profit membership model for the resort. Over the past few weeks, we have truly demonstrated that our resort can do anything when we come together using the power of community. Things such as the fence building, pool assistants, tree grooming, fixing power issues, equipment repairs, mulch distribution (only to name but a few), clearly solidifies our desire to support and take charge of our camping retreat.

This afternoon (6:00PM) the poll feature will be opened on the Oasis Grove 360 website for all leaseholders to vote. We promise that the process of voting will take mere seconds to complete. Information pertaining to results, confidentiality, multi site voting and when the vote closes will also be available in the poll area.

If you are a leaseholder and have not yet signed into the oasis360* website or are having technical difficulties, please contact to seek assistance. They will respond within 48 hours.

In conclusion, and as a (soon to be) member that wishes to see this resort be the best in Alberta (if not Canada), we appeal to all of you that this will likely be the most important decision we will make as a community.

Your vote counts!


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Poll page? Sorry for my ignorance but I cant find it.


Oasis Grove
Oasis Grove
Sep 21, 2020

Hi Katherine Please visit the website and go to the “Poll” page.


I know it is only a minute past but how do we access the poll?

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