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Dear Leaseholders, today we launched this new website called Oasis Grove 360 that was created for you the key stakeholders within the park to receive information and conduct resort business. This site has been a long time coming and we need to thank the programmer who volunteered her time and skills to create this web page for us. She tells us to stay tuned for potentially more features, like ordering septic tank services, buying gravel, and eventually, even booking a tee off time. Really Cool!

Since we are recognizing volunteers today, I want to let all of you know that the community came together to complete part one of the fence build. 105 posts were set into the ground in 5 hours. Amazing job by our 20 or so volunteers who accomplished what the Resort could otherwise have never completed so quickly. One of the volunteers stood back when we were finished and said "Wow we really do have a sense community in this park". Thanks for that comment Gregg. The next fence phase is tentatively set for Monday Sept 7 where we will be looking for a few folks to help us treat the fence frame boards (location and time TBA). The big event (fence boards) will be Saturday Sept 12th. "I guess I will call it the "Drills Galore Event"; times and location will be forthcoming as well.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you that reached out to Diane and I with kind words and support. We lost count at 150 people that took the time to sit down and ask us the tough questions that in turn supported the creation of the FAQ. Diane and I are truly in love with this resort and if we can use our skills to support a transition towards a peoples owned establishment, we are honored to do so. It is our intent to post information liberally and frequently about how we are progressing with the strategy where the opportunity for us to own a first class resort like Oasis Grove as "The People's Resort" would be nothing less than awesome! Per Ardua Ad Astra dear friends and neighbors.


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Awesome it shows that we all love our park! I can’t believe how good the park looks 👍🏻

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
09 sept 2020

Great job, everyone!! Way to come together and make great changes in the park!!

Me gusta
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