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Interim Board Update (4 Dec 20)

Dear Resort Members, just a quick update on all the areas we have been working on in preparation for owning our resort:

On Tues, Dec.1st, we received an email confirmation that our Society documents were received in Edmonton for review and approvals. Alberta Registries anticipates our incorporation as a Not for Profit “Society“ should be back within 3 weeks. While we were hopeful to have the fund raising process begin early December, this delay is beyond our control. We will advise our residents when we are a new corporation and are able to make the call for memberships!

In the meantime, your Interim Board continues to get ready:

· Accounting software has been purchased

· Training and decisions on the set up of the accounting processes and platforms are ongoing

· Banking options pertaining to which bank our company will use is nearly complete

· Creation of new customer info/preauthorized debit form for monthly maintenance fees is underway

· The solicitation of quotes for park insurance policies has begun

· The finalizing of our fund collection strategy including communication on the process to residents is just about completed, and;

· We continue to work with Wheatland county on various development agreement items - (final details)

Once we are incorporated, we will:

· Communicate the fund collection strategy and begin membership collections

· Purchase the Resort

· Property Tax transfer and request a re-assessment as a Not for Profit Society

· Open Society bank accounts

· Open CRA accounts for GST & Payroll Numbers

· Set up WCB insurance

· Acquire a Business license

· And so much more!

On a final and very important note - it is great to see people out at our Oasis enjoying the beautiful weather. Please be mindful of the current Alberta mandated restrictions due to COVID. Also note that our county is likely to aggressively ensure that all of the county constituents are being safe and following the rules. Know the restrictions and be sure to follow them.

Stay safe!


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