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Interim Trash and Recycle

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Folks, as we transition there are things that need to be evaluated before we put the resort into any kind of expensive long term contracts. Trash disposal is one that we discovered that needed to be evaluated given its almost $16,000.00 per year and binding to sometimes a 5 year contract. Wow!

What does this mean? Well we need a bit of time to ensure we offer the best value for your services dollar, so we are reviewing everything from basic services previously in place to all out curbside pickup on a Sunday evening (an activity for out of shape guys like me that need exercise).

How can you help? Well for the time being we seek your understanding with our request (if you can) to take your trash and recycling home with you. If this is impossible, we will still provide a limited capacity station at the exit gate for the time being. We would also like to remind folks that the transit stations in Strathmore and Carseland are free to use as occupants of the Resort.

Trusting you understand that transitions to ownership come with a few bumps along the way but as the volunteers continue their due diligence with your money, this is one area we needed to evaluate.

Your ideas on how to improve this expense would be very welcome, so please feel free to use the communications inside our website.




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