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Interim Trash and Recycle

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Folks, as we transition there are things that need to be evaluated before we put the resort into any kind of expensive long term contracts. Trash disposal is one that we discovered that needed to be evaluated given its almost $16,000.00 per year and binding to sometimes a 5 year contract. Wow!

What does this mean? Well we need a bit of time to ensure we offer the best value for your services dollar, so we are reviewing everything from basic services previously in place to all out curbside pickup on a Sunday evening (an activity for out of shape guys like me that need exercise).

How can you help? Well for the time being we seek your understanding with our request (if you can) to take your trash and recycling home with you. If this is impossible, we will still provide a limited capacity station at the exit gate for the time being. We would also like to remind folks that the transit stations in Strathmore and Carseland are free to use as occupants of the Resort.

Trusting you understand that transitions to ownership come with a few bumps along the way but as the volunteers continue their due diligence with your money, this is one area we needed to evaluate.

Your ideas on how to improve this expense would be very welcome, so please feel free to use the communications inside our website.




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I’ve done several negotiations for garbage over the years for my business and I found that going more local instead of a big company is way better and often if you shop around and get a few quotes some company’s are willing to do no contract to gain your business and keep it with good service. I agree that a compost bin would help cut down on the quantity and burning cardboard definitely should be looked at. But also to discuss with the companies the option to reduce service during the winter months and increase leaf pickup in the spring and fall.


I agree 100% Ruth and surely we can all do better


One of the issues is people have to start using the bins appropriately. Often when I put a bag of garbage in the bin it has cardboard boxes in it and they aren't even broken down. Broken patio furniture etc needs to be hauled away by the owners.

Cardboard from food packages, is a great fire starter for your firepits.


I work for a Garbage Service Company in Brooks and I do know that Waste Management is a very expensive company to deal with and does like to lock customers into contracts. I would recommend finding a local company if possible. Also the longer a large bin is on site ( that we use for leaves etc at Oasis) the more the charges are for rent. You can limit the charges by only having a 30 yd bin on site for a few days not a month at a time. Going rates for small 6 yd garbage bins and cardboard bins with a weekly pick up is 135$ per month. Large 30 yd bins rent out at 20$ per day…

Replying to

Glad we have someone in the business to give us advice. Thank you, Janice


we could try a blue bin for recycling and a green bin for compost that could be used in the garden and the black bin for garbage only most of the cardboard and paper could be burnt in a fire pit

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