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New Years Blog - Interim Board 1 Jan 21

Happy New Year!!

As we move into 2021, and look toward to the future, we want to continue moving forward towards our goal of owning our Oasis. For your convenience, we remind you that there are very important documents posted on the website under the Membership Package Tab (above). I

Included in the tab your will see:

· Voiceover and PDF version of the Acquisition Strategy PowerPoint

· Membership Process Checklist

· Membership Agreement

· Oasis Grove RV and Golf Resort Society Bylaws

Please note that your interim board member will be reaching out to you shortly to check in. Please watch for an email directly from them also please continue to shoot any question you may have via the website.

We have received an overwhelming response to the call out for individuals interested in reviewing the Rules and Etiquette. The committee is now complete, and they have started their process. Thank you for your interest!

As you enjoy our Oasis and the mild weather, please remember to respect the Alberta Covid-19 guidelines.

p.s. The first member of our new society was Ruth L who provided her documents to us on Christmas Day. Bravo and Thank You Ruth!

Stay healthy and may 2021 be our best year yet!

Warm Regards

Your Interim Board


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