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Numbers Are In - Oct 14th Blog

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Greetings Oasis Grove Resort Members, normally I try and blog on the weekends but in light of wanting to get the poll info out by mid October, I am late by a couple of days ; trust you understand.

As promised, this week we are announcing the poll results for the lease holder’s desire to proceed forward with the strategy of purchasing the Resort as a non profit society. Here are the numbers:

  • 82%: of the Resort residents have voted “Yes” they are in favour of the resort being purchased by the voters.

  • 4 %: of the Resort residents have voted “No” (some wish to discuss options to vote yes at a later date)

  • 14%: of the Resort residents have not yet reported their vote, (we continue to reach out to confirm any technology issues).

What does this mean?

This means that you as the Lease Holders have sent an overwhelming consensus message that you are interested in purchasing the Resort from its current owner within the price per member window indicated ($3.5K to $5K).

What happens next?

Well given the positive support seen in the poll, we will now move forward with providing you more specifics to address things such as cost, sequencing timelines, security of your funds, articles of incorporation and a set of membership documents.

How will this be communicated?

We found that the FAQ process worked extremely well in our last round of information so we will be creating a second set of these questions in the next week or so. From there, we will tend to your questions and answers using this platform to capture and support concerns. In no way are we looking for funding until we have completed this phase of understanding.

What is the overall vision timeline?

I get this asked a lot by those 220+ folks that Di, the board and I have met with over the last 60 days. Our vision for us (the people) is to own this resort before the new year and get on with stabilizing with everyone nicely tucked into their lots sometime in the Spring. No promises, no unconfirmed dates, just pure goals and vision. The board is very much on side with this goal. Remember this whole strategy is now predicated on the yes voters meeting certain deadlines going forward (more info to come).

Did you notice anything new this week?

  • Fortis has completed the power line work into the greens setting the way for us to move forward with rigour to get power installed once the stop work order has been lifted.

  • The Resort was put to bed without a hiccup last week. Our team of resort agents did a fabulous job in figuring out all the nuances. Good Job Folks!

  • Some of the golf course greens have been covered this year. We found some covers in the mix of things about the park that we didn’t know existed (big bonus). We are told by our Resident (Volunteer) Greens Keeper that this should make a huge difference for next year. Thanks again Sean! Please keep us focused on maintaining our precious golf course.

Before I close, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank the staff and the volunteers for a fabulous year. For the staff, there was a ton of change, a tall order of requests not to mention operating within COVID protocols, and I for one can only say that the Resort and Golf Course grounds have never looked better. The grooming, trenching, sorting and cleaning up overall has really made us all grateful for their efforts. As these staff now move into their winter rest period we should all wish them a safe return in the spring. To our Volunteers, we can never find sufficient ways to thank you enough, so please accept our full hearted gratitudes and see you next year with a new mandate of ownership.

Again keeping our promises as volunteer consultants and strategists; we hope to see everyone smile in 2021 as we convert this strategy to a full on reality as “The People’s Resort”.

Cheers till next week.



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