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Oasis Grove Interim Board Update

Hello Oasis Grove!

The interim Board Members for Oasis Grove have several important updates to share with you about our home away from home! On our website, you’ll see another important set of FAQs to read that provides more detailed information about what we’ve posted today.

Please make sure to read it!!

We have great news! Our lawyer is confident that our new Oasis Grove RV and Golf Resort Society will be set up this month! How did we get here? Well, your interim Board Members have been working very hard providing all the necessary documents to the lawyer. This is the first step required for us to begin the process to purchase the resort.

The second step in the process is to fundraise in order to have the funds to purchase the resort. We are going to achieve this by selling memberships that enhances everyone’s original leases. This will give every member in our resort amazing new benefits!

  • You will now become a voting member in our Resort. You will have a say in what happens in and around Oasis Grove!

  • You also may participate in the governance of the Resort in future if you wish, because you’ll be eligible to be elected to the Board.

  • In addition, you will also now have an auto-renewing lease for your lot. What does this mean? It means that instead of after 35 years your lot again belongs to Oasis Grove, your lease will now auto-renew! In effect, you now own your lot for as long as you want it; it is yours to keep, sell, or pass on in your estate. We anticipate that our lot values will grow and grow now that they can be ours forever!!

  • Every membership sold will come with 2 lifetime golf memberships. We want to encourage all our members to take advantage of the amazing little golf course we have and to continue to support it.

  • All members will have access to a members-only section of the website.

Now, of course, two of the biggest questions we are getting as interim Board Members are, “What is this going to cost and when is it going to happen?” After a due diligence analysis by a Certified Professional Accountant, the interim Board has determined the cost of a membership will be $5,000 plus GST.

The FAQs will have more detailed information, so be sure to check it out.

The interim Board has determined that this is the amount that we will need from our lessees in order to ensure all debts are paid off and that there is some funding for operating the resort going forward. So just say yes!!!!

This is how it will work. When you pay for your membership, you will sign the membership agreement and your funds will be held in trust. What this means is that, if, for any reason, the purchase of Oasis Grove does not go through, your funds will be returned to you in full. The Society will NOT take over the resort unless we have 100% of the funds in hand that we need to successfully do so. It all comes down to selling enough memberships to make this purchase successful.

We need every YES vote to buy a membership.

When is this going to happen? Our target is to be ready to collect membership money in early December. As soon as the final steps to create our Society are complete, a call will be put out for memberships to be purchased.

Our amazing website administrator is going to design a purchase thermometer for the website, so that everyone in the resort can watch our progress towards our goal.

A constituency map of the resort has been created and is available on the website. The Resort has been divided into wards, or constituencies, with an assigned interim Board member to support. If you have questions, contact your interim Board Member. They will be happy to help! The FAQs are also always available, as well as the “I Have A Question” section of the website.

The interim Board is so excited that we have reached this stage where we can almost say, “Let’s Go, Oasis Grove!” We hope you are as excited as we are to move forward and make this resort our new Oasis Grove. We are so thrilled and proud of the support we see in our Resort and we cannot wait to take this next step together. Next year can prove to be our best season yet!

Watch our website for updates and don’t forget to read the FAQs on the website!

Thank you from everyone on the interim Board at Oasis Grove!!


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6 commentaires

Membre inconnu
18 nov. 2020

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Oasis Grove!


Thanks for all your hard work getting this park back on track. As new to the park me and my wife look forward to many great days and meeting many new people out there! So again thanks!!


Very good news!! Thanks so much for all you have done so far!!


I appreciate the update. This has been a rough year so it is nice to have good news.


Thank you to all those who have worked so hard to bring us here.

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