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Ops Update (13 Dec)

Good Sunday Morning Members; just a brief update for you from the Operations side of the Resort

As we wait for the Alberta Registry to approve our Society so we can get the administrative side of the purchasing project complete, this does not mean that we have stopped planning and preparing for new things operationally for next season should we complete the purchase successfully. We thought you might want to hear about some of them:

  • Courtyard (compound) cleanup completion planning

  • Dog run design review and build plan

  • Ongoing Equipment Maintenance (thank you Roger!).

  • Design a simplified preventative maintenance program for our expensive and critical equipment.

  • Complete an asset review (what are we using and what sits dormant all year (after year)).

  • Review electrical Bids (and award) for remaining unpowered lots – target spring install.

  • Create safety procedures and hazard assessments for unfinished construction projects for the spring completion of the phase II (the greens) projects.

  • Generalized Safety program for resort workforce and volunteers.

  • Job description creation and letters of offer for 2021 staff hires.

  • Look for opportunities to partner with College’s and Institutes (golf green programs)

  • Subsidized Summer student opportunity review.

  • Set the planning board for ongoing seasonal processes and look for cost efficiencies and strategies.

  • Planning to continue with our Resort beautification strategy - trim, rake, cleanup and paint.

  • The creation of a Golf Course sub committee to assist with the welfare and ops of the course next year. If you are interested in participating as a member of this committee contact Pat Fahey (

As you can see the ops folks continue to focus their efforts as volunteers in the off-season to support the planning process. Hats off to Pat, Cora, Lon and Crystal for the things they do for us on their own time; their contributions indicate a full understanding of the value and power of a “People’s Resort”; Thank You!

In closing, we need to remind that COVID-19 remains top of mind for all the residents. As a volunteer leadership team, we remain diligent on this matter and we ask that you do so as well. We are currently working with OHS on how this affects our winter camping activity and any ruling from Alberta Health will be passed to all of you directly. Stay tuned.

In the mean time; please remain self-contained and compliant with the current generalized provincial guidance. We are truly blessed to have a place to go to like our Resort and we want all our residents to remain safe and healthy in these turbulent infectious times.

As always, we offer that if you have any questions, please reach out to your ward representative who will be more than willing to find you the answer.




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