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Possession Day !

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

It is Possession Day!! Such an exciting time for all of us at Oasis Grove. What does possession day mean to us? It means, we legally own the resort, all conditions have been met, money has been transferred to our lawyer and we officially take over day to day operations of the resort. Please keep in mind that it does take some time for liens to be lifted off the title (6 – 8 weeks). Please be patient.

Gentle reminder: Those residents who have not sent in their PAD forms, please send them in. Our volunteer accountants would like to complete the process, and begin the EFT monthly withdraw on March 15, 2021. If you are unsure of this process or have questions, please reach out to your Ward representative, or ask a question on the oasisgrove360 website. Green’s residents, we require your paperwork currently to have it ready to go as soon as the Green’s are ready for occupancy. Electrical work will begin sooner than you think. We are currently finalizing and checking on current design parameters.

Lot sales and rentals: We have come up with a plan for the resort to improve and stabilize cash flow in the first and second year. Details on a flash sale coming. If you know anyone that is interested in renting or purchasing a lot at our amazing resort, please have them reach out to Janice Schultz at This includes private sales/rentals as well - Janice and her sales team are here to help!

What a fantastic response to the Rules & Etiquette survey! If you have not completed yours, please do so before March 4th. We want to hear from you!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their logos and catch phrases! We have so many talented people in our resort. The top 5 of each have been chosen and will be up on the website soon to select the winner.

Enjoy the spring like weather. Camping season is right around the corner.


Your Interim Board.


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