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Updated: Apr 13, 2021


Dear Residents it is exciting for us to tell you that trenching will be begin at the Greens perhaps as soon as this week. For your safety and per the permits; All access to the Greens starting Wednesday 3 Mar is PROHIBITED unless authorized and only then with an escort and proper PPE . This will remain in effect until further notice (likely early May). Curiosity of our children remains our highest concern, please let them know it is very dangerous out there.

Also to accommodate construction, there may be some Greens' lots that have items that could hinder the moving trench and cement equipment. In cases such as this, you will be personally notified in the next few days. If you don't hear from us, please assume all is well.

Finally (and sort of sad, in a weird kind of way), as we enjoy the warm weather, the skating pond will now be closed. We will ask all residents to stay off of the ice for their own safety as the water beneath has drained and the ice on the pond has bowed and may crack away under weight. The rink is also situated along the right of way of any machinery entering and exiting the construction areas putting us in harms way. Again this is a great time to remind children about ice safety and proximity to machinery awareness.

Folks, these are exciting times for the Resort, but amongst the great news and incredible energy, there is certainty with hazards where we don't want to let our safety guards down. Lets all play a part in keeping each other safe. Don't be afraid to lean into protecting each other and speak up if you see anyone not supposed to be in the construction hazard areas - let them know why.

Lease Holders that have renters on their lots - please ensure you pass this message along to them.

In closing, if you have any questions or concerns about this safety note, please contact me (Ron B) at 403 512 1024 and I will be glad to help or answer your concerns.



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