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Services PAD Notification and Operations Update

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Dear lease holder residents, we have quite a few information pieces to pass on this week. Please read and note the activity and good stuff in your Society.

Service Fee PAD Withdrawal Update:

  1. Regarding the PAD withdrawals, we are targeting the 16th +/- one day or so of every month. If the 16th falls on a weekend, withdrawals will occur on the first working day following the weekend. March 16th is the first date we will be going full live with our new software that we have been testing for weeks. Fingers crossed! No worries though

  2. When the transaction takes place, you will see an EFT remark to your account noting a withdrawal by "OASIS GROVE R.V. ." or words to that effect (depending on your bank). Note the order of the words underlined above - indicating its your resort! If you see something from 2007200 (the previous company); please email us right away.

  3. As owners of the resort, you should know that the collection of the GST by the previous firm was flagged during purchase evaluation. GST appeared to our accountants as uncertain and perhaps embedded in revenues which is not how we should be doing business. In the best interest of keeping our "not for profit" status in good standing and maintaining clear accounts for CRA (along with ensuring our costing models work to pay our bills), we seek your understanding in adding GST to all service and purchases going forward under our new society. Its a minor inconvenience (approximately $6.00 / month for most) to prevent a major issue with the taxperson. This will hold true for any carbon taxes, and provincial taxes should they become apparent in future. You will see tax added to all goods and service transactions beginning 15 March 2021.

  4. Also mentioned in past posts, we are excited to be working on a process by which store purchases, gravel and golf etc. can be sent to your account for monthly payment using your customer account numbers and signing an approval chit. Stay tuned for that - as its a concept that we hope you might see as a convenience to the members.

  5. Finally, if you have any issues with the your account - the email gets you in touch with one of our two CPA certified accountants (volunteers) who can help you. If they don't respond right away its likely they are busy or they have just ran out the gate due to workload. Just kidding.

Remember your normal place to ask a general question is on the website.


Interim Board

Operations General Update:

  1. Many of you have seen the pictures of the heavy equipment entering the resort. This week, we have just about completed the wiring trench and we can expect wire to be put in the ground beginning on Thursday! Still doubting? Relax you are in good hands.

  2. Part of the Oasis Grove Phase II project includes a minor sewer pipe fixes found from a scope that was done last May. We will be opening the ground near the west septic tank and repair the pipe in the next week along with any other areas discovered. This was part of the construction plan from the beginning but as we say, surprises can always appear.

  3. Per the permitted plan, we have ordered the cistern tank for fresh water (2000 liter) that will be buried appropriately. This tank is for a freshwater retention needed to maintain volume and pressure to the camp sites. We will also be trenching into the grove area to source the well water. Long term plans are to access an alternate well sources. Stay tuned for project 2022/23?

  4. Its with great pleasure that we will be able to say goodbye to the ugly white shower building by the playground. We have decided its time to pull it away. Many of us remember that as a place the camp cleaners hated the most (10 years ago). I still have memories of Katie screaming at Ted over cleaning that place. We are hoping demolition will happen next week! Plans for washrooms in its place is still on our minds for that area - but its all about cost and availability (ideas are welcome). For now we are just going to level the ground, topsoil it and enjoy the missing eyesore.

  5. Summer Student Program: We have applied for a summer student grant to help with the chores and services in the resort this year. Although we cannot share much more than this at this time, I can say that we will be posting job opportunities on this website where these candidates between 18 and 32 can apply. Again - please wait until we get more info and we will post student job opportunities in here along with the application criteria and processes. Its a great opportunity for the resort and for our youth in the area. Again Stay Tuned

  6. Along the same lines as above, we are also looking at how we can partner with schools and institutes pertaining to resort business and golf green management. Our resort is a rich learning environment for our university / college students in the hospitality and operations fronts. Stay Tuned on this as well.!

  7. Finally everyone on the ops teams are working towards finishing in May, but we are not prepared to provide a firm date yet as there could be unknowns that could delay us. Just keep watching here for new updates (likely weekly) and we will keep you informed. When we do reach the move-in milestone - it will methodical, planned and supported by resort staff to get you lined up, hooked up and smiling.

Well in closing, sorry for the long information blog, but we remain committed to keeping you all informed. Please if you have any questions, we ask that you use the question feature of this website. We try to answer questions in a 24/48 hours. Given the amount of info in this blog, we will be shooting this out in a blast email shortly.


All of Your Oasis Volunteer Teams.


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