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The Resort Still Needs your Input! (Plus some new info...).

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Happy Spring!

Due to the overwhelming response on the logo/catch phrase poll, we have decided to close the poll early. If you have not had the opportunity to vote yet, please do so prior to Wednesday, March 24 at midnight. Please find the selection of options for our logo here .

Another survey??? YES!!! This is “your Resort” and we want to make sure direction is coming from the people and on that note, a survey has been developed regarding the store. Please take a few minutes to put your two cents about our store options prior to Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Click here to access the store survey: Oasis Store Survey

Golf Committee update – the golf committee has posted an FAQ with regards to the golf course that probably will answer many of your questions.. Please look at the Golf Course section of the Oasis Grove 360 website to review. More information will be coming surrounding the Golf Strategy in the near future so...Stay Tuned!!

There is a lot of activity happening around the resort, please ensure you are watching for the safety signs and abiding by them, construction is a hazardous environment. Last weekend we needed to remind several of our youth that the equipment and inventory is out of bounds, as is the mounds of dirt that always seem so attractive. All is good we explained why and they were polite and moved on their way. Please parents have this hazard chat with your wee ones when entering the gate. This holds true for the curious adults we caught taking a hazardous peek as well. LOL

Lastly, if you know anyone interested in renting or purchasing at our amazing resort, please have them reach out to Janice at or Heather at


Your Interim Board!


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