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This Weeks Blog 26 September

For this week’s blog I want to take a few minutes to review activities in the resort, some volunteer advice, a Fortis reveal and finally a hint on how the peoples’ poll is going.

Many will have noticed the grooming using wood mulch in the front areas and throughout the facility. The volunteers and staff have done a great job in such a short time. I truly enjoy my daily drive around the resort to enjoy the small but important things that have been done and to hear your ideas and comments. I have heard so many of the folks say, “wow this place looks incredible”. Diane and I have to agree, and I know you do too so, we challenge you - take a ride and look for:

1. The beach (new sand) tilled old sand and ready for next year.

2. The Courtyard (formerly called the boneyard) and fence. Did you know our neighbor Tony is smiling from ear to ear? He was in the Resort last weekend to look around and say hi!

3. The Memorial Benches that are now complete and positioned at various holes.

4. Rest area benches positioned in green spaces for quiet time and sunrise / sunset viewing

5. Road repairs inside the resort that are frequent now.

6. Flower Boxes which were donated, painted and positioned around the resort.

7. Painting of the ugly buildings and the repair of the pumphouse.

8. Fixed the pool heater and paving stones ($1.00 fuse – thanks Steve!)

9. The multi-purpose paved court to be done this week!

10. A big reveal - we are told that Fortis is starting the process of bringing the power into the resort to support the Greens. Anyone see the stakes that were planted about a month ago on the exit road? I hear they may even start this week.

To the folks that stopped me (several of you) to ask, “what is the next big volunteer project”? Well I have to tell you that looking at the list above, I believe it’s time for our volunteers to take a break, relax, put your campers to bed and enjoy the winter rest. We will certainly seek your support in the new season.

For the interim Board Chairman (along with the interim board) and I, we have our work cut out for us to move to the next step of getting our lawyers in gear to build the not for profit corporation and get the resort transferred to you, the people. Incidentally the legal firm that has been retained is Spier Harben that specializes in Corporate Law – David E Prasow is our lawyer. There will be a ton of transparency for you to read as we move through this process so “stay tuned”

Now many of you have asked about the poll tally that closed on Friday. At this point I cannot share the final numbers with you as we are still receiving last minute sign ups and subsequent votes. I remind us all that we committed in the process that we will provide the numbers NLT 15 October. I can however tell you this – we have heard you loud and clear and you have provided us your overwhelming support for the concept of the people’s desire to purchase the resort. Before we get too excited though, I am always reminding folks that this is a change process and opportunity that is complex and requires diligence and analysis in each step. You will all be informed via the website regarding how and when things will unfold.

So, I think this is enough information for this week. Be rest assured that we are working daily on moving the needle of success bit by bit to getter’ done. I hope this is already apparent to you folks and I close by once again saying, “Per Ardua Ad Astra” and a quote that I can’t call my own, but it is fabulous and applicable, “it will take our Village to build this Resort”.

Until, my next blog!



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I’m so excited


Thanks for the update. Can't wait to hear about the vote. Things are going well at the resort and I am sure happy to see all the improvements


Thanks for all of this, Ron! Not sure if there is anyone out there like us that still don’t know the beginning of the story. Can someone explain why we are in this position to begin with?

Thanks you :)


Shelly Mxpeak
Shelly Mxpeak
Sep 27, 2020

What put are campers to rest we got winter camping to do hockey to play and skates to put on and snowmans to build thanks for the update 😊

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