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Update 5 October

Very short update this week folks as we proceed with putting the Resort to bed.

Something new as this winterizing takes place is that we are creating a set of operations guidelines to ensure consistency year over year to be able to share our knowledge of maintaining this facility. This will hold true for all key processes going forward so we are not caught with last minute surprises. If it looks like 10 people to change a light bulb, its because it does until we capture the processes in video and writing. 🤓

Regarding the golf course process, we have been blessed with having golf course experts within our Resort who are coaching the process of prepping and servicing the putting greens and fairways. Thank you Sean!

Many of you have already seen the news on FB regarding the ball court paving. Almost 5 minutes from us removing the cordoning tape, the kids were at play. Both Di and I were quite touched by this and we were quick to take the picture below. This small enhancement seems to have created quite the buzz; we now solicit help from anyone regarding sports equipment and getting some lines painted next year. Ideas on how we might fund this are most welcome.

<more text below>

Touching briefly on matters of the Resort purchase process, our lawyers have been in contact with the sellers representatives and I am safe to say that we are moving towards finalizing the due diligence phase in parallel with the voting validation process. We remain optimistic in getting this deal done come H or High Water 😁. On a similar note, please if you know of someone that has technology issues and would still like access to the 360 site, contact the system administrator at or if email is not possible, to contact any of the Resort staff and they will help them with the process of contacting someone. We don’t want any of our lease holders to be left out should they need information or wish to still vote.

As a final note, the water was shut down today, and many (including myself) wished we could have delayed this. The challenge is that we need to reserve to rent a heavy duty 350CFM @ 150 PSI towable gas powered compressor about three months in advance; making it hard to weather predict. If any of our occupants knows where we can get one of these pull behind compressors just in time, we would love to hear from you. Staging a compressor like this last minute to be able to flex with the weather (good or bad) would be welcomed by all for sure!

Once again thank you all for being our friends and neighbours in support of our Resort Strategy and we remain available to discuss if you need to chat. Blog at you next week.



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If Oasis wants to buy a big air compressor like mentioned, I would look at industrial auctions or if you know of paving or construction companies selling off used equipment

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