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Update as of April 11/21

More great news to everyone, we officially have received in the mail our certificate from land titles clear of all leans. Oasis Grove RV and Golf Resort Society is now (on paper), the sole owner of the lands we call “Your Home Away from Home!" Congratulations Members!

We have received a great response to the call for Lot Improvement Committee volunteers. Thank you to all who have responded. A board member will reach out to the applicants shortly. Note if you didn't get your name in, please watch for other opportunities to provide your help to our resort. The resort is the Members Resort.

We have now published your Oasis Grove Resort Rules and Regulation Manual. A special thank you to the Rules Committee and to all the residents who spoke up through the survey about what was important within our resort. These rules will take effect immediately, please take time to review them. Resort Owners, we heard you loud and clear. Let’s continue to make our Oasis the best it can be. If you have any questions about the book contents, please reach out to the “I have a question” tab.

We have also published the Lot Improvement Template for your convenience . Let’s continue to make our Oasis the best it can be. Also know that all lot improvement requests going forward from 11 April, will be happily received at

The 2021 Golf fees and committee members are now posted on the golf info tab, please direct any questions or comments you may have to Thank you to all who have taken the time to register their golf memberships thus far. If you have not done so, please click on this link -> Golf Membership Form. Please note these fees are for those that don't presently hold a golf membership.

While we are on the subject of Golf, we are also in urgent need for volunteers for what will will become the annual golf course clean up. There are several branches that have fallen as well as leaves around the course – this will make a mess if we mow them. Please contact Crystal at 587-897-5083, she will be coordinating the clean up efforts.

Lot Rentals and Sales are moving along. We have had many people showing interest in our resort. Again, if you know anyone interested in becoming part of our Oasis family, please have them reach out to Janice or Heather Also, if you are looking to rent or sell your lot, please reach out. We are sharing all information with potential buyers/renters.

Phase 2 (the Greens) is proceeding as planned where we had a group of volunteers working tirelessly on Saturday to begin the process of backfilling the trench starting with (what Ops calls) the south loop. We pressure tested your water lines in that area as a measure or precaution and all went well we have included some pictures below. The next phase of operations is to bring water to that area. Once the locates are complete, you will see yet another trench from the blue building eastward. Note the water program is being done through volunteering, loaner equipment and resort staff. Nothing short of amazing amounts of contribution and a huge shoutout is in order for those folks.

In closing folks, there is still a ton of info yet to come regarding the 901 Turn-off, house demolition, new store design and the most anticipated, the relocating our Phase II folks. Stay tuned for info it wont be long now.


Your Interim Board


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