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Update from Interim Board - 16 Jan 21

As we head into the final week of fundraising, another beautiful weekend is upon us and by the looks of the weather, it may be the last for the next bit. Let’s keep our momentum moving forward towards the goal of making OASIS our people’s Resort. Thank you to everyone who has gotten their membership package to us, we are getting closer to achieving the target.

All along, we have been very transparent and open that the membership fee was kept low to make it as easy to purchase as possible. The basis for determining the initial membership fee was the number of “yes” votes given in the fall, therefore, we are trusting our residents to follow through with membership support to move forward with a resident owned resort. We want as many residents as possible to take advantage of the current membership price and to make this resort ours.

The interim board has also been transparent in alerting you to the fact that the price of membership with the Society will increase. At our last board meeting, the price for the membership was approved to move to $7500 plus GST. The fee will increase after we have achieved our current fiscal target. Assuming a successful purchase of Oasis, our intention is to ensure a membership is purchased as part of any non-member lot sale. This is part of our ongoing strategy to fund the reserve. In order to ensure more funds are returned to you at time of sale, ensure you get in on the lowest Society membership rate – huge investment opportunity.


  • WE own the resort and are in control of it’s future

  • WE protect our initial investments, and WE benefit from increased values

  • WE get to continue to enjoy our OASIS and all of its amenities-current and future

Covid has reminded us how precious time is and how important memories with family and friends are. In Alberta, recreational property is becoming very hard to obtain both with availability and financially. This is great news for all of us who have our wonderful Oasis to escape to and with the membership, it is yours forever.

If you have not been in contact with your Ward rep or an Interim Board Member, please reach out. If you are still unsure, please talk to us! Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Stay safe, healthy and continue to abide by the Alberta Government COVID restrictions.

Your Interim Board


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