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We can do better!

Good Morning Grovers,

If this weekend is any indication of what the 2024 season is going to be we can definitely do better.

I understand residents are excited and happy to be back but...

Residents assume nothing happens when rules are broken, that is not the case. So I will share a few infractions reported and dealt with this weekend.

  • 3 carts sent back to lots because no numbers or light

  • 2 kids sent home from beach, no adults anywhere

  • Adult hanging off of a cart while their 8 yr old drives

  • Dogs not on a leash

  • Music can be heard 2 streets over

  • Kids running around at 1 in the morning, this seriously has to stop.

  • 12 times already residents have called the resort phone to report that they don't have power. Breaker box checked, not flipped. Please please check your end before reaching out.

Please respect the OPs team's down time. If we do not have our safety vests on we are on our own time. Please find your answers on the Website, board member or text the resort phone.

Let's hope next weekend we do better Grovers.



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