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Safety Committee 

Lana Carron, Committee Chair
Connie Landry, Board Rep/Liaison

Crystal Anthony     John Beaudreau      Christa Boutin                    Paula Bieniak        Sharon Ventela        Nicole Talerico



The Golf Cart Etiquette Committee was originally created to develop appropriate and reasonable guidelines to address unsafe golf cart use by the children, youth and adults in the resort.  Initial discussions highlighted the need for a comprehensive safety program, that would encompass all areas of safety including the golf cart concerns. 


At the Oct. 20, 2022 general board meeting the name change to Safety Committee and the Terms of Reference (see below) was approved.

A draft comprehensive Oasis Heath, Safety and Environment document has been developed.


Over the course of the next few months, this document will be edited as needed.  The immediate plan is to develop two handbooks.  One specific to our residents safety, and the other specific to Oasis employees including our summer students. 

Safety is the responsibility of all at the resort. Feel free to send any comments to the committees confidential email:


Safety Committee Terms of Reference

The Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities. In particular, the Committee reviews and provides recommendations to the Board liaison on matters relating to:

a)  Review safety concerns that are provided to the Board and/or Resort Manager

b)  Provide recommendations on changes to the Resort Rules & Regulations from a safety perspective

c)  Provide communication back to resort manager on decisions made by the safety committee including those             that require enforcement

d)  Review and provide a Safety Manual for the Resort, including an Emergency Response plan

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