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Accounting Updates - Please Read

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Accounting Updates

Please note that the Oasis Accounting team is transitioning to a new accounting software which includes changing the technology used to process the monthly maintenance payments. There is no intended impact to Oasis community however, with technology sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. As such, we wanted to make you aware of the change and ask that you flag anything unusual to

The transition to a new accounting software is expected to improve the efficiency of the accounting activities. As such we are now recruiting for a part time Resort Accountant to manage the day-to-day accounting activities. It has always been planned that the accounting work would be performed by a paid employee of the Resort and a budget for this position was included in the Board approved 2021/22 budget. The posting can be found on and search for Resort Accountant. The link is also listed below. Please share with your networks – we have a greater chance of finding a candidate if we leverage the Resort’s collective networks. We are motivated to fill the position as soon as we can and transition to the successful candidate before the camping season ends.

Your Oasis Accounting Team,

Diane and Emily


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