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Manager's update

It's been busy behind the scenes, with it being the off season we have been able to catch our breath and complete even more projects before your camping season begins.

Thanks to the funds raised from the silent auction an excavator was hired and it took the banks back around the pond. The sides of the pond are wrapped and rocks placed all along it. It is going to be so much larger and way less weeds. The sand has been pulled back to the beach area. Can't wait to fill the pond this spring. Thanks to John Searcy for the donation of 2 dump loads of rock.

The dog park is completed! In the spring we will put out the swings and chairs that were donated. Again a huge group effort, most volunteers didn't even own a dog.

A new to us sprayer was purchased for the Resort. Now we can spray Fairways, Greens and all rough areas and driving range for dandelions and much needed fertilizer on the Course.

After searching and bidding on auctions for the pool washroom with no success, I found 2 double washrooms at a steal of a price. These will be installed in the spring. One will go by the playground and the other at the pond. We are looking for a single for the Friends and Family sites.

The rink has been a huge group effort as well. Thanks to Barry and Jim! Bigger and better than it was when it was on the pond. It's ready to skate on. The firepit is ready and there are 2 bins of wood for you to use.

In the next week or 2 we will be applying for a burn permit to burn all of the debris from last years clean ups.

We have been busy moving trailers in and out for residents, assisting new owners, snow removal and power on for the weekenders. Maintenance on all of the equipment is almost completed.

The Store will have a soft opening from May 11 to June 28th, weekends only. Watch the Store Blog for updates.

The Committees have also been busy planning events. A huge thank you to all of the committees and volunteers for making our upcoming season something to look forward to.

Oasis is our little hometown and without all of you we couldn't do it.

If you have a site in our resort, the success of your resort is on each and every one of us to continue to be successful every year.

Just a question...

How many hours have you volunteered?

I couldn't imagine where we would be without our dedicated Board members and all of the committees.

I can't thank everyone enough for all of the hours it takes.

I look forward to using my new blog. Only 11 more Saturdays until it is officially camping season!




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