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Complaint Management

We, as owners need to respect our Resort and each other.  However, situations do arise.  Our hope is it does not become a regular occurrence.  If you are needing to file a complaint after the 11:00 pm quiet time, please follow these steps: (please read carefully)

  • Complainant contacts Resort Relations Rep/or designate, at   (587) 897-5083

  • Resort Relations Rep/designate, investigates as best as possible, with documentation and/or pictures.

  • At their discretion, management of situation by the Resort Relations Rep/designate is escalated to our Security firm to attend and resolve, up to and including further escalation to Police response.

  • If response is justified by the Resort Relations Rep/designate, the total cost for response will be charged to the Lot owner, as well as other defined costs, as laid out in the Rules Handbook.

  • If response is not justified, the cost for the entire response will be charged to the complainant.

Resort Rules and Etiquette Documents: 

Updated: March 20, 2024
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