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Lot Improvement Committee

Board Representative - Connie Landry
Chair - Kim Vandam                          
Bonita Bourlon         Danny Curran
Kevin Hanson          Tara Boudreau
Stephen Spencer     Tony Corcoran

Paula Bieniak             


   The Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities. In particular, the Committee reviews                    and provides recommendations to the Board liaison on matters relating to:

         a)       Reviewing all applications for lot improvements that are outside of the posted rules

         b)      Making fair and consistent decisions on lot improvements

         c)       Provides communication back to residents on decisions made by the lot improvement committee

         d)      Facilitates communication with the county on permits


   Process Flow for Lot Improvements:


  • Resident wants to make any change to their site (add deck, shed, trees, etc)

  • Resident fills out a lot improvement form and submits it to

  • If the application falls within the Oasis Grove Rules and Guidelines - the application will be reviewed by the LI Committee Chair and approved and the resident can begin construction.

  • If the application falls outside the Oasis Grove Rules and Guidelines then the application will be reviewed by the LI Committee (eg, more than one shed, covered deck, over 100 sq shed/gazebo)

  • If the LI Committee reviews and approves the application the resident will be notified if they are required to submit permit requests to the county or if they can begin construction.

  • If county approval is required then the permit process begins. 

    • The county will review the application and issue a development permit

    • They will also send the information to Park Enterprises for building permit review and issuance. 

    • NOTE: Any structures requiring permits can not begin to be constructed until such time as both the development permit and building permit are in hand both with the resident and the Resort.

    • Once construction is complete the resident needs to inform Park Enterprises that they can now come and complete an inspection.  Once the approved inspection paperwork is returned to the resident, please ensure to forward a copy to the email

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