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"OUR" Store

Our Store is officially closed for the season.

It has been a pleasure seeing you all in Our Store and we look forward to opening again in May 2024!
Watch for some new menu items, some old favorites and some exciting specials!
On behalf of myself, Braeden, Colby, Becca and Darlene, have a safe winter!

Breakfast sandwiches - Saturday and Sunday
Ice cream sandwiches -
chocolate chip cookies with your choice of ice cream


  Ice Cream               Slushies                8 in & 12 in Pizza

Watch for weekend hot sub specials!
Different sub each week!  

STORE MANAGER:  Debra Sawatzky
If you have ideas or items you would like to see brought into the store:  please reach out to Debra at
 Reminder:  To request your black tank pump out, please email 



Hands Holding Dirt

 Black, organic, nitrogen rich topsoil

Perfect for over seeding, lawns and vegetable gardens. A little too rich in nitrogen for flowers so you will need to mix it with peat if you want to use it in your planters.

$50 for a cubic yard

delivered to your lot!!


3/4 Crush Gravel

Perfect for creating parking pads, fire pit areas, walkways and more.


Limited Quantity Available

order now!

$40 for a cubic yard

delivered to your lot!!


Wood Mulch

Finish off your landscaping with wood mulch. Great for preventing weed growth and retaining soil moisture.

$40 for a cubic yard

delivered to your lot!!

Interested in ordering any of the above?

Simply email: 

with your site number and required quantity.

Not sure how much you need - check out this handy link:

Calculate How Much Dirt/Gravel/Mulch

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